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LAST DESERTED ON: July 2nd 2003

I'm Back?

Yes, well sort of.  The old Doc2 is back around, I still check out Paleface’s site everyday, even though I don’t play OuTLaWs very often. Geez been hanging around that site for 5 years… But anyhoo. Enjoy my site now on a server that hopefully will not go out of business (*cough* xoom.com, tripod.ca).  Here you can as always download all my maps, (multiplayer/Marshall Adventures/Zombie add-on), I left up some of the older stuff, such as patches and law making tools section, just for nostalgia,  (they are filled with broken links). I also found some nice ancient stuff still rotting on servers across the web: such as my guestbook.


yep it’s still up and running, I guess those things never get shut down, ohh well enjoy.

ohh yeah, Do Not download my maps and edit them. You can’t do that, I also told Paleface about it, so He won’t post it, if you try to release it.

Well that’s it guys, can’t think of anymore things to say, if you want to contact me, I always check my e-mail. Enj0y my maps, I hope you guys & gals had
lots of fun playing them, just as I did making them. And let’s all hang on to the hope that OL will get a sequel.

 Enjoy Nostalgia

Thanks for Droping by #

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